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​​Prospective Patient Information

  • To schedule a free initial consultation contact us by phone or e-mail

  • You will receive a call back within 48 hrs. and participate in a 15 min new patient phone consultation to determine if RMMH services would be beneficial to prospective client.

  • If new patient consult concludes that treatment services from RMMH would be therapeutic, an initial intake appointment will be scheduled.

  • New patient forms will be sent to prospective clients at email address provided during new patient consultation


New Patient Information

  • Prior to 1st appointment, new clients must complete new patient forms and pay a $100 deposit for the appointment. The $100 deposit will be credited to amount due following initial psychiatric evaluation.  Failure to complete these items at least 48 hours prior to 1st appointment will result in RMMH denial of service.

General Information

  • Medication Refills:  Only enough medication will be refilled to extend patient prescription until next appointment, no changes to patient medication(s) will be made outside scheduled appointments.  If the prescription requested is a controlled substance it CANNOT be refilled until you are seen by your provider.

  • In order to ensure your safety, it is necessary that your provider be notified of all medications that you (patient) are taking. 

  • All prescriptions received from Rocky Mountain Mental Health, P.C.  must be strictly followed as directed by your provider.  Overdosing and/or under dosing without the care of your provider may be dangerous or even life threatening, and is absolutely prohibited by Rocky Mountain Mental Health, P.C. and are considered grounds for termination of services.

For full copies of RMMH policies, patient information/rights, and new patient forms, please visit RMMH contact page for contact information or from contact page submit a non-urgent contact request and RMMH will contact you.  


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